One of the main advantages of membership in the Guild is the opportunity to attend monthly workshops. These full day workshops are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month from September through April. Originally workshops consisted of members sharing ideas and skills with each other. However, as the membership grew the workshops became more organized and the Guild will now often include local talented teachers as well as instructors from outside of the Guild.

In any one year the classes are organized so that they will meet the needs of the wide range of abilities from beginner to intermediate to advanced quilters.

The fees are usually $20 per class, paid for in advance. Sometimes it will be necessary to purchase a pattern. Class size may be limited. At the time of registration the participant receives a supply list. Step by step directions and instruction sheets are provided at the class.

In addition to classes there are two luncheons with entertainment, one at Christmas time and the second at the AGM in May. It is always fun for us to enjoy the fellowship of our guild members as we share delicious food.

Although there are guide lines that we follow in presenting these classes and demonstrations the main purpose of the program is for quilters to celebrate, grow and share quilting.